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We’ve created a library of resources to educate members of the fuel industry who produce, buy and sell alternative fuels like ethanol, natural gas and biodiesel. There are unique taxation challenges related to these fuels that we can provide insight on. We hope that you find the information valuable and encourage you to reach out to our team with specific questions regarding tax rates and rules of alternative fuels.
natural gas transport preview
Jessica McInerny, Tax Advisor at Cargill joins Bubba Lange, Sr. VP of Solutions Engineering at Avalara to discuss how to embrace the alternative fuel movement by uncovering excise tax challenges unique to alternative fuels. Watch Now
emerging fuels taxation solution preview
Alternative fuels like ethanol, biodiesel and natural gas are becoming mainstream. The story continues to unfold and as it does tax rates, rules and incentives constantly change. Watch Now
ethanol taxation challenges preview
Ethanol may not be new to the fuel market, but tax complexities, specifically of higher level blends of ethanol, are difficult (and important) to understand. Download Now
natural gas trends preview
Trending Now: Natural Gas as a Motor Fuel Learn how natural gas vehicles are gaining momentum... Download Now
biodiesel into the fuel market prieview
Welcoming Biodiesel into the Fuel Market: New Taxation Challenges and Complexities Learn about the biodiesel market and it’s tax challenges. Download Now
taxing natural gas preview
Natural gas is becoming increasingly popular as a transportation fuel due to its lower costs and reduced environmental impact. As a result, it’s gaining the attention of state regulators. Read on to understand the tax implications... Download Now
biodiesel taxation challenges
Diesel has long been the workhorse of the fuel industry. From cars and trucks to trains and off-road farm and construction machinery, America consumes over 35 billion gallons each year. Recently diesel welcomed a new cousin to the family - biodiesel. Download Now
natural gas as a motor fuel preview
Cost savings and environmental benefits are just two reasons natural gas is increasingly popular as a transportation fuel. But as natural gas vehicles gain momentum, so do the debates around how to... Watch Now
emerging motor fuels tax preview
In his typically entertaining way, Will takes us through the complexities of taxation laws for alternative and emerging motor fuels. Prepare to learn! Watch Now